Installation Map

The numbers on the buildings indicate the nine buildings on campus where a portion of the "43" installation is located.

1. Holland Centennial Commons second floor: "Who Are the 43?" and installation credits "With Gratitude"
2. Gardner Student Center, first floor: "Ayotzinapa Students Part of a Rural Teaching College Tradition in Mexico"
3. Student Activity Center (International Students Office): "Why Were the Students Targets of Violence?"
4. Human Performance Center, first floor: “Los Desaparecidos
5. Eccles lobby: "¡Vivos Los Queremos! We want them alive!" 
6. Science, Engineering and Technology building, first floor: "Seven Years, But Still Very Few Answers"
7. Snow Math and Science building, first floor: "Families of the 'Other Disappeared'"
8. Browning Learning Resources Center, first floor: Sept. 26, 2021: The Seventh Anniversary
9. Hazy Business building, first floor: "When Art Becomes the Target of Political Violence"