Participant Bios

John Gibler

John is an independent journalist based in Mexico City. He holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy (University of Texas, Austin) and a Master's degree in Political Philosophy (London School of Economics). As a freelance journalist he has covered the Iguala tragedy from its first days.  His book, I Couldn't Even Imagine That They Would Kill Us: An Oral History of the Attacks Against the Students of Ayotzinapa (City Lights Open Media 2017) is a harrowing account of the Iguala atrocity. The book was selected as a Best Book of 2017 by Publishers Weekly.  

Vince Brown

Vince was appointed as the Director of the Institute of Politics in May 2020. He is currently a Visiting Lecturer in Political Science at DSU. Prior to his tenure at DSU, Vince obtained his Bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Utah. He went on to work for a Utah Governor and U.S. Senator in Washington, DC. Vince obtained his law degree from Cornell Law School and worked for the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy and the Cornell Legal Information Institute. Vince worked as a business and securities litigation attorney in California for two global law firms. He also served as an Administrative Law Judge for the County of San Diego and owned a locally sourced organic market and restaurant. In addition to his work at DSU, Vince has a mediation business in St. George where he and his wife, Kathryn, reside with their children.

Stephen Lee

Steve serves as dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at DSU and is the producer of the "Remember the 43 Students" art installation and campus engagement.  He designed and built the installation in late 2014 for its first public exhibition in January 2015.