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Much of the curatorial text for this exhibit is extracted from ‘The Disappeared’ by John Gibler, which first appeared in the January 4, 2015 issue of The California Sunday Magazine and Gibler‘s book I Couldn’t Imagine That They Would Kill Us:  An Oral History of the Attacks Against the Students of Ayotzinapa (2017).  Minor edits to that content have been made for brevity. We thank Mr. Gibler and The California Sunday Magazine for their generous assistance.
The text and quotes that accompanies each of the 43 figures comes from various published news reports and, most extensively, http://ayotzinapasomostodos.com. Minor edits of text were made for brevity, clarity and more accurate translation.
The image of the red hand that accompanies the 43 figures is drawn from photographs of student protests that followed the disappearance.
"Remember the 43 Students" Silhouette Installation Producer
Stephen Lee
Associate Producers
Henry Echeveria
Liz Gubler
Keilani Young

Special Thanks to                 
Ethan Broadbent    
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